At Web2learn we believe in the potential of social and open technologies for the benefit of education, training and social inclusion. 

Who we are

A team of experts qualified in the development and management of digital solutions for open and social learning.


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INOS: Integrating open and citizen science into active learning approaches in higher education

This 3 year project (2019-2022) enhances open and citizen science for Higher education curriculum change and skills development. View more…

CRETE: Critical Skills for Electronic Engineers of 2020

Online modules in nanoelectronics, robotics, nanophotonics, AI, data science, neural networks, machine learning, innovation & entrepreneurship. An Erasmus+ project. View more…

Catapult: online training for teachers of Language for Specific Purposes

Offering customised tools and online training to teachers of Language for Specific Purposes (LSP). An Erasmus+ project (2018-2021). View more…

Council of Europe’s online resources for educators

A portal containing a wealth of resources and online resources for teachers on education, human rights, and democracy.

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MOONLITE: MOOCs enhancing linguistic and transversal skills for social inclusion & employability

Improve university teaching for students, create new educational pathways for refugees and build entrepreneurial and language skills. An Erasmus+ project. View more…

Elang: digital literacy for the teaching/learning of languages

This ECML/ Council of Europe improves digital literacy for the teaching/learning of languages and a critical use of online resources and tools by language teachers.  View more…

EnetCollect: Combining Language Learning with Crowdsourcing Techniques

Unlock the crowdsourcing potential for languages and trigger innovation in the production of community-generated language learning material. A COST action. View more…

LangOER: Open Educational Resources for less used languages

LangOER (2014 – 2016) is a European network focused on enhancing the linguistic and cultural components of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Practices (OEP) for the benefit of less used languages

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P.R.E.S.S: supporting refugees in Greece.

Project P.R.E.S.S. is an initiative of the Hellenic Open University which aims to address the educational and integration needs of refugees currently residing in Greece.  The project has many actions, organised around three main clusters (or axes), accessible here. Within axis 2 (linguistic and cultural integration and adjustment of refugees (children and adults) through non-formal and informal learning interventions), Katerina Zourou has contributed to the Action 16 which specifically dealt with the creation of paper and digital language resources for adult immigrants. Her involvement took place between April and July 2017.

Project website.


GraDAna: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Iranian HE Graduates through Data Analytics

GraDAna is a cross-national project bringing together European HEIs and SMEs with seven Iranian HEIs. It aims at curriculum development and staff training in Iran and Europe) on the topic of data analytics. The project lasts until October 2018.

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ExplOERer: Supporting OER re-use in learning ecosystems

An Erasmus+ project that promotes Open Educational Resources (OER) sustainability through their adoption and re-use in professional practice. Duration: September 2014-August 2016.

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iPEN: Innovative Photonics Education in Nanotechnology

A set of training opportunities for staff and students of European and Israeli Universities in the area of photonic tools & techniques in a Nanotechnology

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Training professionals in social media practice

-A 2012-2014 project currently unavailable-

The Web2LLP project (2012-2014)  aims to improve web strategies and maximise the social media presence of lifelong learning projects. It provides personalised support and training (a week-long face-to-face course and free webinars), and shares best-practices and resources. View more…

Language Learning and social media

A 2010-2013 project currently unavailable-

The “Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues” (LS6) project  (January 2010-February 2013) is mix of activities exploring the relationship of language learning and social media in the web 2.0 era: Participatory debates, award-winning competitions, policy recommendations and reports, scientific publications and field studies.

Twitter: @languagedialogs

Funding: European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme, KA2 Action (Languages)

Duration: January 2010-February 2013

The “Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues” (LS6) project  (January 2010-February 2013) is not one of the company’s projects but it was a trigger for the launch of the company. Katerina Zourou, Giulia Torresin and Tatiana Codreanu have worked for the project, through different affiliations. Katerina, project manager of LS6 throughout the project lifetime and Giulia, financial officer in 2012, were hired by the University of Luxembourg and Tatiana, as social media expert in 2012-2013, worked remotely from UK.

We are thankful to our past team at the University of Luxembourg and to Charles Max, project coordinator, for giving us very responsible positions in the project and for allwoing us to build expertise that was necessary for us to “open our wings” with the launch of our company.

Web2LLP Project

Web2LLP is a project aiming at “Improving web strategies and maximizing social media presence of LLP projects”. This European Commission funded two-year initiative was officially launched on January 1st, 2012. The project serves to boostLLP project dissemination strategies by providing personalised support and training on integrating social media, as well as by identifying best practices and sharing resources.Web2LLP partners include University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)- Project Coordinator, WEB2learn (Greece)- Project manager, ATiT (Belgium), Coventry University Enterprises Ltd (United Kingdom), Pixel (Italy) and P.A.U Education (Barcelona), as well as an external evaluator.

Web2LLP is funded with support from the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme under Key Activity 4, Dissemination and Exploitation of Results.

As the project website is unavailable, below one can find training materials produced by the team.

Handbook 1 Improving-web-strategies-of-llp-projects


Handbook 3: Tools for self-assessment