Welcome!: Preparatory online school for children with migration background.

Funding Source

European Commission- Erasmus+ Polish National Agency


Erasmus+ KA2, School education sector


November 2022 – April 2025 (30 months)


Teacher training,

Social participation,

Online course,
Open access resource




The project aims to address the linguistic and cultural barriers faced by children with a migrant background in accessing the opportunities offered by the educational systems of their hosting communities. The project focuses on disadvantaged students who have just arrived in a hosting country and need to adapt in a new language environment, culture and education system.


Welcome! foresees teaching the local languages to migrant children in an innovative and engaging way, and by bringing language and culture variety to local schools will motivate local kids to learn languages and getting to know other cultures. Welcome! supports a holistic approach to integration and adaptation of migrant kids by fostering collaboration among all actors within schools, as well as with families and other external stakeholders.


Key project outcomes


● A project platform for multimedia educational materials.
● series of actions with and for migrant children (e.g. music workshops, digital storytelling, cross-cultural cooking, etc.).
● Piloting of the project’s educational repository.
● Workshops for teachers.


● Fundacja Wspierania Kultury i Jezyka Polskiego IM. Mikolaja Reja (PL), coordinator
● Association of European Development (BG)
● Web2Learn (GR)
● Pelican (CZ)
● Lviv Polytechnic National University (UA)
● Fundacja Understanding (PL)