CitSci4All: Socially inclusive citizen science for deaf and hard hearing adults in climate change

Funding Source

European Commission


Erasmus+ Key Action 2, Adult Education sector


February 2022 – January 2024 (24 months)


Citizen science,
Social innovation,
Civic engagement,

Skills development,
Open access resource,
Open course




The Citizen Science for All (CitSci4All) project envisions citizen science as a means for social and environmental justice with an immediate impact on people’s living conditions. In particular, the project aims at the inclusion and active participation of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) communities in climate action and advocacy as a means of active citizenship and participation in societal life


The project encourages DHH citizens to take an active role in climate change mitigation, not solely for the scientific value of citizen science, but also to exercise their rights for equal participation in societal life, including scientific initiatives of Open Science. CitSci4All strives to make citizen science more inclusive by making it accessible, thus strengthening efforts to enhance data and scientific evidence on climate change and environmental damages and possible solutions for tackling them.


Key project outcomes


● A Guide on DHH Populations’ Engagement in Citizen Science for Climate Change
● A Customized Citizen Science Toolkit for DHH Trainers.
● A Comprehensive Report on Citizen Science Project Implementations by DHH Adults for Climate Change.
● A Reflective Report: ‘The Way Ahead to Open Roads: A Report on the Lessons Learnt and Gained Through the Inclusion of DHH Adults & Trainers in CS Projects for Climate Change’.


● Association de patronage de l’Institut régional des jeunes sourds et des jeunes aveugles de Marseille (FR), coordinator
● Fondazione Istituto dei Sordi di Torino (IT)
● Citizens in Power (CY)
● Web2Learn (GR)