Web2LLP: Improving web strategies and maximizing social media presence of LLP projects

Funding Source

European Commission


Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) – Key Activity 4


January 2012- January 2014 (24 months)


Professional training,

Social innovation,

Digital skills




Web2LLP aimed to boost dissemination strategies of Lifelong Learning Programmes (LLP) through personalised support and training on the integration of social media, best-practices and sharing resources. Social media (or web 2.0 tools) are instruments allowing people to build social and business connections, share information and collaborate on projects online, thus empowering a variety of human activity involving learning, interaction, knowledge building and economic growth.


The project aimed at raising the visibility of innovative good practices in the use of social media for LLP projects, thus providing customised training based on a bottom-up approach, mindful to the needs of each project, so that managers of LLP projects could develop the necessary skills to promote their results in the way which is more suitable for them.


Key project outcomes


● Customised training, based on a bottom-up approach for managers of LLP projects.
● Foster the adoption of innovative good practices in the use of social media and creating a common understanding as to how social media can be used as part of effective dissemination strategies amongst LLP projects.


● University of Luxembourg (LU), coordinator
● WEB2learn (GR)
● ATiT (BE)
● Coventry University Enterprises Ltd (UK)
● Pixel (IT)
● P.A.U Education (ES)