Catapult: Online training for teachers of Language for Specific Purposes

Funding Source

European Commission- Erasmus+ French National Agency


Erasmus+ Key Action 2


September 2018 – August 2021 (36 months)


Professional training,

Digital skills,
Open course




CATAPULT was a project aiming to offer training and tools to language teachers teaching Languages for Specific Purposes (LSPs) in adult and higher education. The project sought to equip those teachers with the necessary professional skills to train LSP learners in the digital era. By developing a common competence framework and a training programme delivered through a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), the project contributed to the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning of Languages for Specific Purposes in Europe.


The project’s training modules, delivered through the MOOC, offer optional certification to those completing the programme. This programme, with a dual focus on LSP didactics and technology integration, is available to a wider audience thanks to the Open Education Resources (OER) policy.


Key project outcomes


● A Common Competence Framework.
● A training programme for European language teachers delivered through a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).
● An accreditation procedure.
● A Community of Practice (CoP) Platform, aiming to provide LSP teachers (and language teacher educators) with a toolkit enabling them to be more adequately skilled and more competitive on the adult and higher education job markets, thus increasing their employability and career options.


● Turku University of Applied Sciences (FI), coordinator
● Pedagogical University of Cracow (PL)
● ICC Languages (GER)
● TELLConsult (NL)
● Web2Learn (GR)