MOONLITE: MOOCs enhancing linguistic and transversal skills for social inclusion & employability

Funding Source

European Commission- Erasmus+ Spanish National Agency


Erasmus+ programme, action KA2 (Strategic partnerships in Higher Education)


September 2016 – August 2019 (36 months)


Professional training,

Civic engagement,
Digital skills,

Skills development,

Open access resource,
Open course




MOONLITE aimed to develop cross-national cooperation services to explore larger-scale uptake of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Europe. The project sought to create learning and collaboration opportunities for refugees, stakeholders and MOOC providers in European member states. MOONLITE implemented a set of scenarios in partner universities and amongst our partnership, thus reaching out to 175 learners, refugees and registered students.


The project contributed to the improvement of university-driven educational offers to refugees, while fostering the consolidation of a more coherent approach to credentialisation of MOOC-based education in Europe. MOONLITE provided recommendations aimed at European policy makers and institutional leaders, for a more viable and strategic role of MOOCs in European universities.


Key project outcomes


● Identification of opportunities and barriers in recognising Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) – based learning for students and refugees.
● Creation of institutional and cross-institutional scenarios to exploit MOOCs for credit-bearing university courses & future employability amongst students and refugees.
● Creation of a cost-benefit analysis tool, allowing universities to calculate the impact of MOOC provision on their triple bottom lines (financial, environmental, social).
● Provision of an open online course targeting MOOC providers and refugee support groups on how to design and utilise MOOCs for refugees while make learning resources available beyond course duration.


● Universidad National de Education a distancia (ES), coordinator
● University of Wolverhampton (UK)
● ESCP Europe business school (GER)
● Web2Learn (GR)
● Linnaeus University (SE)
● Knowledge Innovation Centre (MT)
● European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (NL)