BREVET: Broadening the Recognition Ecosystem in VET with Micro-Credentials.

Funding Source

European Commission- Erasmus+ German National Agency


Erasmus+ KA2, VET sector


October 2022 – March 2025 (30 months)


Skills accreditation,
Software development,
Open access resource




The European landscape of digital accreditation of skills acquired by citizens remains significantly fragmented. The BREVET project aspires to connect current EU developments (ESCO typology, Europass Digital Credentials Infrastructure-EDCI, the European approach to micro-credentials, etc.) by developing and piloting an innovative software for skills recognition in the vocational education and training (VET) sector. This way, the project aims to address the gap in digital accreditation tools in VET and facilitate the showcase of citizens’ skillset within and beyond the European job market.


BREVET will produce a new VET service to students, workers, companies and governments that will result in the reinforcement of individuals’ career paths, as the visibility of skills will be more user-friendly and efficient. The project seeks to support preparedness of micro-credentials VET providers and forge a coherent approach to recognise micro-credentials achievements throughout EU member-states and stakeholders.


Key project outcomes


● Open access guidelines “Micro-credentials and the VET sector”.
● Software development.
● Report on results of pilot testing the BREVET system.
● White paper: requirements and constraints for privacy in the European job market.
● Expert brief: open recognition and micro-credentials in the VET sector


● University of Liechtenstein (LI), coordinator
● Web2Learn (GR)
● Open Recognition Alliance (FR)
● Medienstimmreich GmbH (LI)
● Ministère de l’education national de l’enfance et de la jeunesse (LU)