Elang: digital literacy for the teaching/learning of languages

Funding Source

Council of Europe – European Center for Modern Languages (ECML)


ECML Programme 2016-2019


January 2016 – January 2019 (36 months)


Professional training,

Open access resource,
Open course,

Digital skills




The e-lang project developed a pedagogical approach for the use of digital tools and resources in the context of language teaching and learning. Its objective was to help learners become competent and autonomous language users and digital citizens. By focusing on “real-world” tasks carried out online on participatory sites, the e-lang approach brought to the fore the importance of social interactions in human communication and action.


The team members were Christian Ollivier, Université de la Réunion (project leader), Catherine Jeanneau, Limerick University (language officer), Ulrike Hoffmann (website officer) and Katerina Zourou (communication officer). Watch the video introduction by Christian Ollivier here.


Key project outcomes


● A didactic framework presented in the publication “Towards a socio-interactional approach to foster autonomy in language learners and users”.
● Online modules hosted on the Moodle platform.
● A guide for those who wish to facilitate a training session using the e-lang modules with a specific group of teachers.