BREVET: Broadening the Recognition Ecosystem in VET with Micro-Credentials

BREVET is an Erasmus+ project for which Web2Learn develops an innovative software, the BREVapp, for skills recognition in the VET sector.

System requirements

Fully online running as a web-service. No need for any installation

  1. Issuing credentials Compliant with EU standards The software allows a credentials issuing organization to add all the necessary attributes to describe the skills to the digital credentials they issue. The BREVapp will comply with EU standards in skills recognition and accreditation:
    a) the Diploma Supplement,
    b) the MicroHe, and
    c) the European Credit Clearinghouse for Opening up Education (ECCOE).

  2. Issuing credential containing skills The software provides the needed functionality to the issuing organizations to connect the ESCO skill tree and any additional custom skills not included in the ESCO classification.

  3. Europass bridging The software provides a proof of concept which connects the credentials and skills that an issuing organization provides to a learner/trainee, to the Europass CV of this person.

Any web browser, i.e. Firefox, Chrome


  • European Digital Services Infrastructure (EDCI)
  • European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) classification Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Europass CV

Users and Stakeholders

  • Learners who wish to ensure the recognition and validation of their skills which can be integrated in pan-European digital accreditation systems, such as Europass.
  • Educational organisations that aim to issue credentials for the certification of knowledge and skills provided through their learning programmes.


A user-manual will be delivered by the software development team of Web2Learn to guide users on how to make use of the BREVapp.