Scholar paper on academic activism out!

Academic activism: learning and self-transformation through collective action taking


How activism’s self-transformative potential is shaping identities of academic scholars engaged in climate action? How do academic activists identify and perceive their role within and beyond climate action movements? This paper by Katerina Zourou (Web2Learn), Anthippi Potolia (University Paris 8) and Stefania Oikonomou (Web2Learn) treat three key areas: a) the perceptions of self, b) the learning component, and c) the educational component, namely teaching the very activities that activists carry out at their universities.

The paper analyses and presents findings of eight online interviews conducted in summer 2022 by Katerina Zourou. By looking into the personal trajectories of academic activists into climate action, we bring to the fore participants’ determination for activism which is manifested through a wealth of learning trajectories experienced. 

Part of the research was supported by the project “Academic activism as manifestation of societal engagement and social innovation in responsible research” granted by the open call “collaboration on pilot experiments for conducting responsible research” (grant: 10.000 euros, WP3 leader: Ass.-Prof Katia Dupret) of the ERUA (European Reform University Alliance), a European Universities Initiative funded by the European Union. 

Image by Unsplash.