Sofia Terzi

Computer Scientist

As a computer scientist with a passion for cutting-edge technologies, my journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, where I gained a strong foundation in programming, algorithms, and software engineering. Building upon this knowledge, I pursued a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Technologies, specializing in education technologies.


My experience as a research collaborator has been enriched through involvement in “Blockademic,” a pioneering initiative exploring the applications of blockchain technology in the education sector. This project aims to revolutionise academic record-keeping, ensuring transparency, security, and data integrity.


Furthermore, I am also engaged in the “BREVET” project, which focuses on issuing verifiable digital credentials. My role revolves around designing frameworks that enable individuals and entities to securely store and manage their digital credentials.


With a strong academic background and hands-on experience in research projects, I am dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities and making a positive impact on the world through innovative solutions.


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