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Language Learning and social media

A 2010-2013 project currently unavailable-

A wealth of activities to explore the relationship of language learning and social media in the web 2.0 era: Participatory debates, award-winning competitions, policy recommendations and scholar publications. Duration: 2010-2013

Twitter: @languagedialogs

Funding: European Commission, Lifelong Learning Programme, KA2 Action (Languages)

Duration: January 2010-February 2013

The “Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues” (LS6) project  (January 2010-February 2013) is not one of the company’s projects but it was a trigger for the launch of the company. Katerina Zourou, Giulia Torresin and Tatiana Codreanu have worked for the project, through different affiliations. Katerina, project manager of LS6 throughout the project lifetime and Giulia, financial officer in 2012, were hired by the University of Luxembourg and Tatiana, as social media expert in 2012-2013, worked remotely from UK.

We are thankful to our past team at the University of Luxembourg and to Charles Max, project coordinator, for giving us very responsible positions in the project and for allwoing us to build expertise that was necessary for us to “open our wings” with the launch of our company.