Re_Act Webinar

Podcast series on academic activism and societal engagement


In this podcast series, Katerina Zourou hosts eight (8) academic staff and researchers who are actively involved in actions for climate change. The series comprises of ten episodes that bring to the fore individual trajectories in climate action and the transformative role of activism in academic identities and practices. The activists are members of the Scientist Rebellion movement as well as the OS4Future foundation and the Sciences Citoyennes association. 


The podcast includes interviews of the following academic activists: Fernando Racimo (University of Copenhagen), Julia Halder (Imperial College London), Melissa Jiménez Gómez Tagle (Technical University of Munich), Martin Wolterding, Gianluca Grimalda (Kiel Institute for the World Economy), Jérôme Santolini (Institut de Biologie Intégrative de la Cellule) and Laura Horn (Roskilde University). 


The podcast is a result of the research grant Re_ACT: “Academic activism as manifestation of societal engagement and social innovation in responsible research”, funded by the European Union funded project RE:ERUA.