BlockAdemiC: Distributed Digital Data Security Platform with Blockchain support

BlockAdemiC was a project for which Web2Learn developed a blockchain-based system for the certification and verification of qualifications and skills in the higher education sector.

System requirements

Fully online running as a web-service. No need for any installation


  1. Create an account and profile
  2. Compare digital or hard copies of diplomas, certificates, credentials against European standards Diploma Supplement, MicroHE, ECCOE
  3. Create a credentials issuing schema [hybrid] based on European standards Diploma supplement, MicroHE, ECCOE
  4. Store credential issuing standards on blockchain

Any web browser, i.e. Firefox, Chrome


  • NPM / Javascript
  • Diploma Supplement, MicroHE, ECCOE standards
  • JSON Web Token Authentication
  • Blockchain compatible

Users and Stakeholders

  • Educational institutions who want to guarantee to their learners a level of interoperability with other institutions diplomas and certificates
  • Learners who wish to ensure the recognition and validation of their skills


A user-manual is delivered by the software development team of Web2Learn to guide users on how to make use of the BlockAdemiC schema comparison and creation tool of the BlockAdemiC system.