Citizen science in the agri-food sectorㅤㅤ

Citizen science in the agri-food sector workshop in Paris!


On June 28-29, the agri-food working group of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) held its first workshop in Paris, France. This 2-day meeting included discussions and reflections on citizen science in the agri-food sector. Participants engaged in a co-writing session that will form the basis for a future publication of the working group.

Web2Learn was represented by Katerina Zourou and Stefania Oikonomou.

Warm thanks to all participants:
Marco Barzman, INRAE, Raquel Ajates, Toos van Noordwijk, Barbara Heinisch, Helen Avery, Petra Benyei, Egle Butkeviciene, Alexandra Czeglédi, Sandra Denery, Dominique Desclaux, Gerid Hager, Jean Masson, Jean-Baptiste Mérilhou, Geraldine N Vasquez Pergolesi