Stavros Samiotis

Research Collaborator

Stavros is a linguist, specialising in language education, capacity building and academia-civil society cooperation. He is also interested in issues related to open data management in scientific endeavour and research on indigenous and minority populations. He acquired a BA in Greek medieval language and literature (2017) and an MA in General linguistics theory and research form the University of Ioannina.


Stavros’ core interest lies in exploring new ways of building resilient bonds between language and culture in civil society, leaning towards social diversity preservation of especially small and endangered language and cultural communities. To do this, a critical part of his work involves citizen science, as a crowd-based and crowd-driven research method with multiple educational aspects. Stavros is currently working on the development of a series of educational and training modules for the BOLD project, introducing and discussing innovative and state-of-the-art topics such as language diversity and data governance, multilingualism and citizen science as well as cultural accommodation and maker movement.

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