Sofia Papatsimpa

Research collaborator

Sofia holds a BA in English Literature & Linguistics and a Master’s degree in Gender Studies, earned from Utrecht University. Additionally, she is in the process of completing her second MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Vrije University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses on gender and education for marginalized populations particularly on issues related to feminist pedagogies, women’s empowerment and access to education for people on the move.

She has successfully been involved in projects that aimed to improve access to quality education, particularly for vulnerable populations in Greece, Slovenia and Uganda. She has designed and implemented gender-sensitive curricula and has collaborated with various stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and community leaders, to promote gender equity in education.

These experiences have equipped her with a solid theoretical foundation and a nuanced understanding of the interplay between gender, culture, and development, which can apply in practical ways in her professional path.

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