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INOS: Integrating open and citizen science into active learning approaches in higher education

This 3 year project (2019-2022) enhances open and citizen science for Higher education curriculum change and skills development.

Summary of the project

Open Science (OS) and one of its components, Citizen Science (CS) are not new in the European Union (EU) although their growth is exponential: over the last decade, OS has rapidly become a catalyst in shaping research and society in the EU and an increasing number of CS initiatives engage citizens in digitized projects for a social purpose in an open framework of collaboration.

The INOS project (Integrating open and citizen science into active learning approaches in higher education (HE)) stimulates Open Science, through public engagement in scientific results. Because OS brings new opportunities to the HE sector, as it urges HEIs to reconsider their societal role. INOS tackles these issues and connects 3 features that have yet to be associated: a) open and citizen science together, b) active learning approaches and c) mainstreaming in HE interdisciplinary practice and curricula.

Target groups
INOS addresses a wide spectrum of stakeholders: HE management, academic and library staff, students, policy makers, funding bodies, business stakeholders, European and international networks for training and skills related to OS and CS.


Aalborg University (coordinator)

University of Bordeaux

University of Talinn

Oulu University



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