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HEIDI: Digital action at European universities as a catalyst for social change

“Digital action at HEIs as a catalyst for social change in the COVID-19 crisis” is a 2-year Erasmus+ KA2 project coordinated by University College London (start: March 2021).

The project aims to improve the ability of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to support community-driven action, and promote their role in social change by enhancing staff and students’ expertise in community problem solving during the pandemic.

The project aims to upskill HE staff and students towards more resilience and adaptation to change that could allow HEIs to become more responsive in shaping better societies during emergency situations. Through digital action-related skills development, students and diverse community groups, including vulnerable citizen groups, the project aims to offer HEIs a more central role in ongoing debates about social change and to situate HEIs as part of the solution of the problems that surface with the pandemic.


HEIDI will deliver:

  • A study on drivers and barriers of HE engagement in DA as catalyst for social change for HE staff and citizens.
  • Methodological guidelines for the design, implementation and assessment of Digital Action.
  • Report on hands-on DA activities with citizens and Higher Education staff and students.
  • Digital actions for the upskilling of grassroot communities.
  • Framework for digital skills acquired in digital action contexts.
  • HE guide to address needs and requirements for embracing bottom-up digital action in HE practices.


Project’s official website: https://heidiproject.eu/

University College London (coordinator, UK)

Web2Learn (GR)

Citizens in Power (CY)

Universita ta Malta (MT)

Université de Paris (FR)