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Harvesting Agriculture’s ciRcular economy potential through Vocational Education

The project aims to adjust vocational education and training to face problems that harm the environment and contribute to climate change, such as food loss. Through the training provided in this project, VET training turns future farmers and other actors in the agriculture and food system into skilled entrepreneurs who run their farms as productive, sustainable enterprises. A course on food loss will be essential for young trainees who want to work in the agri-food sector, as they will learn how to increase the level of productivity on their farm and at the same time reduce food loss.

Funding scheme: Erasmus+ KA2 project, VET sector

Duration: December 2021-December 2023

Coordinator: Prof. Marianne Thomsen, Aarhus University, Denmark

project number: 2021-1-DK01-KA220-VET-000034681

Website: coming soon