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GreenVETers: citizen deliberation and deliberative democracy for climate change

“Embedding citizen deliberation and deliberative democracy for sustainable development into the official VET curricula” is a 24-month project (April 2022-March 2024 funded by the Dutch National Agency Erasmus+ Rationale

Green VETers – “Embedding ‘citizen deliberation’ and ‘deliberative democracy’ for sustainable development into the official VET curricula” project aims to embed the democratic principles of citizen deliberation (CD), engagement and deliberative democracy within VET Engineering and Agriculture courses. This project sees democratic principles as a central tenet in successful climate action for achieving the Green Deal’s aims and seeks to enhance its use within vocation-specific courses which are often widely affected by but also important contributors of climate change.

VET schools are often excluded from citizen engagement activities for achieving the EU Green Deal’s aims, with little or no attention devoted to transforming VET curricula in order to provide ‘greener’ skills to VET trainers and trainees to respond to the needs of the ever-changing labor market. The project’s innovative open educational resources and activities will achieve these aims within European countries and beyond.

Green VETers General Objectives
GO1: Scale up the deliberative quality of public participation through a nested polycentric approach by producing an innovative, vocation-specific course which embeds CD and the Green Deal for sustainable development

GO2: Offer VET educators and learners opportunities to engage in knowledge-exchange and informed discussion about CD in VET Agriculture and Engineering courses

GO3: Strengthen VET schools’ contribution to reaching the aims of the EU’s Green Deal in relevant fields

GO4: Upskill VET educators’ and students’ democratic competencies to advocate for the ‘green’ transformation of their vocational fields


PROWORK, The Netherlands  (project coordinator)

The Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre, Poland

CEPROF, Centros Escolares de Ensino, Portugal

Citizens in Power, Cyprus

Web2Learn, Greece