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European study “Motivating Europeans to learn languages”

Funded by the European Commission, Directorate General Education and Culture, the study ” 50 ways to motivate language learners” has been a pan-European study that took place in 2003-2004.

Katerina Zourou has been involved as expert, by conducting interviews and field research in Greece, France, Turkey, Sweden and Finland.

Lingo study in English, French and German.

Public Services Contract: 2004-2165/001-001 S02-88EP AL Lot 2

The study has been funded by DG EAC Language Policy unit
Study co-ordination and brochure editing: Dr Katerina Kolyva, Dorina Angelescu

Experts: Christina Akrivou, Erik Ballhausen, Esther Gelabert, Ramunas Kuncaitis, Jean-Pierre Madrid, Pawel Poszytek, Xavier Rosy, Preben Spåth, Judith Visnyovszky, Katerina ZourouConcept and design: Jean-François de Kriek
Proofreading: Fiona Hunter
Translation (IT, ES): Giuseppe Aleo, Carlos de Lecea Yanguas