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Development of online resources for educators- Council of Europe

The Council of Europe initiates a new project aiming at the development of online resources for teachers and other education practitioners.

Katerina Zourou, together with other eight European experts, has been selected upon a call for proposals to implement this project.

The teaching and training resources developed over the years within the Pestalozzi Programme together with other educational materials will be the basis for an online catalogue of resources for teachers and other education professionals. Users would be able to search, download and use these Council of Europe materials and they would also have the opportunity to rate them and to comment. Furthermore self-learning courses for different target groups as well as interactive master classes on topical priority themes could be offered. The online catalogue could be updated and expanded on a regular basis. This online resource could be operational at the end of 2018.

Duration: February – December 2018

Website: Pestalozzi Programme