At Web2learn we believe in the potential of social and open technologies for the benefit of education, training and social inclusion. 

Who we are

A team of experts qualified in the development and management of digital solutions for open and social learning.


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Kick-off meeting, new Erasmus+ KA2 project HEIDI

On June 4 2021 we kick-started the Erasmus+ KA2 project HEIDI (Digital action at HEIs as a catalyst for social change in the COVID-19 crisis). A description can be found here. Web2Learn is proud of having launched the project idea and having committed to the preparation of the application.

HEIDI builds on successful projects Web2Learn is partner in, on the topics of digitally-mediated social participation, citizen science, activism, open innovation, such as INOS, CitizenHeritage and The GLAMers.


Partners of HEIDI project

University College London (UCL), coordinator Dr. Artemis Skarlatidou

Citizens in Power (CIP)


Université de Paris, CRI

University of Malta