At Web2learn we believe in the potential of social and open technologies for the benefit of education, training and social inclusion. 

Who we are

A team of experts qualified in the development and management of digital solutions for open and social learning.


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2022 events

October 6: “Citizen science for environmental and health issues in conflict zones”. Presentation at the 2022 European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) conference, Berlin, 5-8 October. Abstract.

September 29: “Open innovation in academia-society cooperation: examples of cultural heritage preservation in a crisis situation”. Talk at the annual Europeana conference.

August 30: final project meeting and multiplier event of the INOS project. Leiden University, The Netherlands

July 7: “From Open and Citizen Science to Activism: Roles for Academic Staff”. Webinar of the INOS project.

June 10, “community- driven innovation for Ukrainian cultural heritage”. Webinar on “Cultural Heritage Threats and the Role of Citizen Engagement Inside and Outside Universities”, INOS project.

June 2, “hacktivism by using earth observations for a social purpose”. Webinar on “Digital action: scope, methodology, tools and practices”, HEIDI project.

May 3 “Citizen science in academia-society relationships: few thoughts at the 3-year INOS journey”. Multiplier event, Bringing Open Knowledge and Innovation to Higher Education, University of Bordeaux.

May 4, “EU Space data for cultural heritage”. Online workshop “Open data in all its form: science, pedagogy and society” by the datactivists and University of Bordeaux.

February 24, « citizen science : introduction to the role of librarians” (in Greek) Επιστήμη των πολιτών: εισαγωγή στο ρόλο των βιβλιοθηκονόμων. Greek and Cypriot Node of OpenAIRE Link

January 18, invited ignite talk at European hackathon CitizensHack