At Web2learn we believe in the potential of social and open technologies for the benefit of education, training and social inclusion. 

Who we are

A team of experts qualified in the development and management of digital solutions for open and social learning.


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2014 TEL events attended by our team:

December 11: Education in the Digital Era conference, Brussels (invited: Giulia and Katerina)

November 3-4: kick-off meeting of ExplOERer project, Thessaloniki (participants: Ioannis and Katerina). Slides available.

October 13-16: LangOER international workshop followed by project meeting. Oslo (participant: Ioannis).

August 20-23: ““OER: insights into a multilingual landscape” at the EUROCALL 2014 Conference. Co-organised with Tita Beaven, Kate Borthwick, Linda Bradley, and Sylvi Vigmo.

May 7-9: Framing quality indicators for multilingual repositories of Open Educational Resources. Workshop run by the LangOER project at the EFQUEL/LINQ 2014 Innovation Forum. Co-organised with Linda Bradley, Alastair Creelman, Anne-Christin Tannhaüser, Sylvi Vigmo (speaker: Katerina).

March 14: Sustainability in OER for less used languages Webinar of the LangOER project during the Open Education Week. Co-organised with Linda Bradley, Anne-Christin Tannhaüser, Sylvi Vigmo (speaker: Katerina).

27-28 January: First LangOER meeting in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands (participants: Giulia and Katerina).