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Collaboration with University Paris 8

Research into learner autonomy on social network sites for language learning (SNSLL) is ongoing with colleagues at the University Paris 8 Vincennes- Saint-Denis, France. The study is about learner stances regarding the autonomy of individual and social autonomy documented in web 2.0 language learning communities. This research has been set up by Anthippi Potolia, Assistant Professor, University Paris 8, Filio Zourou scientific collaborator, Swiss Distance Learning University and Katerina Zourou, director, Web2Learn, Greece. A research paper at the peer-reviewed journal CALICO will be released in 2017

Zourou, K., Potolia, A. & Zourou, F., 2017, in press. Informal Social Networking for Language Learning : Insights into Autonomy Stances. In Lewis, T., Rivens Mompean, A. & Cappellini. M. (Ed.) CALICO monograph “Learner autonomy and Web 2.0”, CALICO journal.

It builds on previous work we have done on this topic, namely a 2011 conference presentation and three research papers (2011, 2013a and 2013b). Original post is published here at the website of University Paris 8 Vincennces Saint-Denis.