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Citizen engagement in cultural heritage: The quest for long-term participation and the role of open innovation

Through online and physical sessions Web2Learn offers training and expands expertise on crowdfunding for the cultural heritage community. Emphasis will be given to the social dimension of crowdfunding campaigns as a means to valorise citizen engagement and community building actions organised by cultural heritage organisations.

The series comprises of the following four events:

#1 Introductory webinar: Introduction to crowdfunding for cultural heritage: possibilities, aims and examples.

Date: 24/5

Status: Completed

This webinar introduced crowdfunding for cultural heritage by leveraging the role of citizens as agents of change and sustainability. By focusing on crowdfunding, the webinar aimed to introduce participants to key concepts, tools and objectives of crowdfunding for cultural heritage and discuss citizens’ role in shaping and enhancing its impact and social value.

Webinar available here. Slides here.


#2 Online workshop: Crowdfunding in practice: insights from an Irish museum.

Date: 19/6

Status: Forthcoming

This online workshop foresees providing hands-on knowledge and expertise to cultural heritage professionals who will learn about two successfully run crowdfunding campaigns by the Hunt Museum, Ireland. In this workshop, participants will be called on to actively engage in an interactive session with cultural heritage expert Jill Cousins who will bring to the fore the role of citizens and community engagement in crowdfunding for culture.


#3 Webinar [in Greek]: Crowdfunding for small cultural heritage organisations in Greece.

Date: To be announced

Status: Forthcoming

This webinar will address the need of small cultural heritage organisations in Greece to enhance their knowledge and skills on organising crowdfunding campaigns that forge long-lasting citizen participation and engagement in culture. The webinar will be delivered in Greek language and aims to introduce crowdfunding to members and professionals of small cultural heritage organisations as a first step in implementing open innovation-driven citizen engagement actions.

#4 Face-to-face workshop (in Greek): Setting up and maintaining crowdfunding campaign for women’s associations in the Cyclades

Date: To be announced

Status: Forthcoming

This physical workshop will further expand Greek cultural associations’ understanding of crowdfunding as it will provide hands-on and step-by-step support for the women’s association in the Cyclades (OSYGY) to set up their own crowdfunding campaign.

The series is part of the EU-funded eCHOIng (Recovery of cultural heritage through higher education-driven open innovation, https://echoing.eu/)

eCHOIng is funded under the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships programme. Project Number: 2021-1-NO01-KA220-HED-000031986

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