At Web2learn we believe in the potential of social and open technologies for the benefit of education, training and social inclusion. 

Who we are

A team of experts qualified in the development and management of digital solutions for open and social learning.


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At Web2learn we believe in the potential of social and open technologies for the benefit of education, training and social inclusion.

Web2Learn applies sound methodologies for design, development, testing and evaluation of digital solutions in the service of open and social learning. Our services are grounded on Research and Development (R&D) activities reflected in academic work (peer-reviewed paper journals, book chapters, conference presentations).

Open learning

Openness revolutionizes almost all fields of human activity as it calls for more collaboration and sharing opportunities through open content creation and release in an ethical and transparent manner, and through new licensing models.

Open and citizen science

R&D and professional training activities around open access, open data, open publishing models, research ethics, reproducible data, open research data, and citizen science.


Examples of projects:


Open Education

Open Educational Resources (OER) and practices, and the dynamics of content reuse and open sharing.


Examples of projects:



Harnessing the potential of the crowd to trigger an innovation breakthrough for the production of digital resources


Examples of projects:


Social learning

Digitally enhanced social networking and the value of user-driven, participatory practices occurring through social media and gaming applications.


Examples of projects:

Social inclusion

Cultural, linguistic and social integration of vulnerable groups facilitated by digital technologies.


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Service offer in Europe (various countries), Africa, Asia and Middle East.

Contact us: info at web2learn.eu (replacing at with @) or browse our web site for further information.