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Digital activism at Greek universities during the pandemic: Webinar October 6

Web2Learn organised and hosted the webinar  Digital activism at Greek universities during the pandemic” on Wednesday October 6, 2021 for the HEIDI project

The aim of the webinar was to share experiences from organisers of digital actions inside and beyond Greek Higher Education Institutions during the pandemic, and the digital and social footprint of these actions.

Some of the points discussed at this joint event:

  1. Which aspects of your experience of digital participation during the Covid-19 pandemic have been positive, and which have been negative?
  2. Which barriers and drivers to universities engaging with digital action can you identify, and are these institution-led or imposed upon the institution?
  3. How can universities raise awareness about digital action and their potential impact on bottom-up action?

It was a pleasure to have as distinguished speakers:

  • Christos Kalloniatis, Assistant Professor, University of Aegean [experience with 3D printing of medical equipment during the pandemic]
  • Maria Hatzinantoniou and Marioa Balis, teaching staff, University of Aegean [citizen science and a single-use plastic free hackathon]
  • Vaggelis Vragoteris, Ph.D. candidate, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki [circular economy and recycling at AUTH campus]

The webinar completes a publication that the HEIDI partnership has created, titled “Some examples of digital action inside and beyond universities during the pandemic. HEIDI consortium”, available here

The slides of the speakers are available here