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Talk on digitally mediated youth engagement for the cultural sector during the pandemic

On 29th June, Web2Learn gave a presentation to the DCDC21 conference (Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities).

Elisa Pellegrini gave a talk on “Digitally mediated youth engagement for GLAMs during the pandemic” (slides here). The talk was scheduled at the panel session “Engaging audiences during the pandemic”. We presented a collection of use cases developed by GLAMs in Europe during the pandemic as a showcase of concrete examples of youth engagement in their ordinary activities and their social/cultural value.  It is grounded on the EU-funded project The GLAMers (Enhancing GLAMs through youth engagement during the COVID-19 crisis).

DCDC is a cross-sectoral conference, hosted by The National Archives, RLUK and Jisc, that brings together the GLAMA sectors (galleries, libraries, archives, museums and academia) to share experiences, innovations, interests and concerns. DCDC21 explores how crisis can act as a catalyst for change within libraries, archives, museums, and cultural organizations, fostering innovation and collaboration. The conference explores the impact that crisis can have on working practices, collections, and audience engagement.