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University approaches to Citizen Science in the transition to Open Science

How HEIs currently perform in citizen science activities?

Which is the untapped potential therein?

Which are the ways HEIs can cater to the needs for citizen participation in science for society?

These are the questions the study “Academia permeating society through Citizen Science: Use cases of engagement in Higher Education” addressed, within the wider framework of understanding citizen enhanced open science inside and outside universities that we endeavor at the INOS project.

On December 10, a short presentation on this study was given at the two-day online workshop co-organised by OpenAire and EUA, the European Universities Association, with the title “University approaches to Citizen Science in the transition to Open Science“.

The INOS presentation has been selected to be showcased at the session “Lightning Talks”.

Thank you OpenAire and EUA for this initiative and looking forward to strenghening the connection between universities and citizen and open science for better societies!

Slides of the presentation